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Our Mission and Value

At Casa Sola, we take pride in integrating our work into a broader vision guided by values of ethics, solidarity, and sustainability. In this spirit, we view the winemaker as a steward of the environment, a guardian of traditions, and a custodian of shared assets such as the landscape, water, and the entire territory.

We approach our work with courage, passion, and discipline as we strive to achieve the highest quality expression of our land, respecting the Chianti history but remaining open to experimentation and new challenges in a style we define as 'traditional and innovative.'

In this sense, we believe that perpetuating past mistakes and refusing to adapt our practices in light of new knowledge and technologies fails to capture the essence of tradition. At Casa Sola, it's the people who, with their enthusiasm, passion, and experience, have enabled us to reach high levels of wine and olive oil production quality.

We work closely with nature: our summers are spent outdoors, tending to the crops and monitoring grape growth, while in winter, we focus on cellar activities. Reading and managing climate challenges are fundamental elements in wine production. As Zig Ziglar once said, it's not what you have, but what you do with what you have that makes a difference.

Sustainability is a priority at Casa Sola throughout every phase of our operation, from the vineyard to the bottle. We have embarked on the organic path, use only electricity from renewable sources during production, collect rainwater for irrigation, reduce CO2 emissions with lightweight glass bottles, and maintain the efficiency of our forests. We are committed to waste separation and waste reduction.



The unique characteristics of Casa Sola's territory are shaped by excellent soil exposure and a favorable microclimate. We firmly believe that great wine begins in the vineyard, so we meticulously care for our vines, primarily by hand, with limited mechanical intervention and minimal chemical use, as we progress towards organic certification.

Our estate consists of vineyard parcels surrounding the central complex, set within the Chianti Classico territory, ranging from 280 to 340 meters above sea level. These parcels have a longstanding tradition of producing quality wines. The surrounding woods and Mediterranean shrubland protect Casa Sola's unique microclimate and serve as a source of biodiversity and CO2 storage.

The presence of the forest also contributes to a cooler microclimate, especially during the summer months. Despite their proximity and shared context, each vineyard exhibits unique soil, exposure, and altitude characteristics. Soils range from medium-textured with a rich gravelly composition, alternating between alberese and flysh formations, to loamier and more fertile soils in the western part of the estate.

Plant densities vary between 3500 and 5500 plants per hectare. We train our vines using both Guyot and spur-pruned cordon systems, carefully selecting grape varieties, clones, and rootstocks to achieve the best synergy between soil, microclimate, and the plant. We emphasize allowing our vines to grow at their natural pace, avoiding forcing them for early harvesting, resulting in more stable and consistent products over time.

Older vines with deeper and well-developed roots are less susceptible to climatic fluctuations and stress. With time, these older vines develop a deeper understanding of the terroir and generally become more resistant to diseases and environmental stressors. Currently, the age of our vines at Casa Sola ranges from 1 to 48 years.

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