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Olio di Oliva Extravergine - Casa Sola

Olio di Oliva Extravergine - Casa Sola

Boost the fragrance and flavour of your dish with a few drops of our Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italiano from our olive grows in Casa Sola.


Our extravirgin olive oil contains all the olive varieties grown at Casa Sola, a blend in which each succeeds in expressing its own personality. (frantoio, moraiolo, leccino, pendolino)


Our EVOO has a very low acidity < 0,4% and a total CMP (phenolic anti-oxidants) of more than 150 ppm


It is the perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, vegetables, red meats, aged cheeses, as well as fine international dishes.


Making extra virgin olive oil requires binding commitment and technical severity. We work hard in order to have not only a tastefull oil but also rich in the components (vitamins, polyphenols and other essential compounds) that render Casa Sola EVOO unique.

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