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Pick the wines that mostly fit your style !   ... We will ship it to your address.

 Shipping costs for Europe and the US include Tax, Duties!

Wine must be purchased and signed at the time of delivery by an Adult. Please bes sure to have legal age in your County

Buying quality wines from Tuscany has never been easier, we can ship to your home, villa, yacht or even your office.

✓ Fast and Reliable Shipping

✓ Delivered to your home

✓ No Monthly fee

✓ Safe and Convenient

✓ Transparent

✓ Stock up from Home

Wine for Spring

Lots of Great Flavours can be added to your Spring Dine!

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If you can't come to Italy... we bring a sip of Tuscany to your home!!

Have questions or need help with your purchase?  

Call or whatsapp us +390558075028 or email

We will be happy to assist you

Your Tuscan Wine Experience is just one click away. 




shipping guarantee.jfif

We hand-pack & ship out from Tuscany within 1-2 business days. We use extra protection and heavily insulated boxes designed to withstand hot summer and cold winter temperatures.  All shipment are stored in air-conditioned spaces during their route. Your shipment is insured, traceable and delivered directly to your door.

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