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Vin Santo del Chianti Classico Casa Sola 2007

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico Casa Sola 2007

Thanks to its balming fragrance this very intriguing dessert wine is perfect for your after dinner


Grapes 60 Malvasia 40 Trebbiano

After beeing picked (slightly overmature) we hang the grapes to dry for aprox 3 months

The softly pressed must age in Caratello for minimum 9 years...


Casa Sola vin santo is not too sweet (each producer has his own style) and the image of dipping a cantuccio cookie into a glass of Vin Santo is a bit simplistic. Casa Sola Vin santo is great also with strong or seasoned cheese, foie gras, ...


The dregs (we call la madre) are left in the caratello from the previous production to allow the yeast to initiate the fermentation of the concentrated must obtained from raisins.  Mother Yeast is the secret for an extremely soft and tasty vin santo.

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